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That's it!!!! I can't take it anymore!!!! All these pretty prints, bags, shoes and other super cute goodies.......I'm going to stalk you all....*________*
I am now the official Stalker of Lolita fashion *_____* My obsession!!! LOL


Please note: I have gotten some of these items but my stalker quest continues.*______*

Lolita Closet Sale

I've been away again for some time now, mostly due to my computer having be stolen. So I got a new one but just temporary until I get the money for the real one. So I'm selling some of me lolita pieces off. Check out the items I have for sale ladies! It's on FAceBook so let me know if you're interested in any of them. Here's the link

Missing in ACTION!!!

Have I been missing for a year....? It looks so! Well all of that is going to change now!! I have a Youtube page.
You can add me on Facebook (Alexandria Russell)
You can also follow me on my twitter account too as (Lexuspark)
I'll making more post here too now, So look out for that!

See ya!!!
So Yeah I am so so late and backwards in posting to my blog. How long has it been...... I think 4 months almost!!!!! Wow that's long!!!! Well any who, I've been extremely busy!!! I got a camera so I can take lots of pics all around my island!!! Yay!!!! Well my birthday has come and gone and me, my friend and family all went out dressed up in lolita!!!! So many eyes I tell you.....so many looks and comments!!!^_^ Normal people make me laugh!!!Hah.

I so wanted to go to L.A to meet my friend Shelby but I let me plane ticket expired and not to mention that or truck went down and took all my money I had save to go on the trip >-<. Why does it keep sucking like that???!!!! I will try again soon. So I'll get to meet my friend Shelby, yay. So yeah I didn't fall off the face of the earth or anything, just life happening to me and the hubby all at once. I'll get there soon enough!!! Wish me luck guys.

Hey has anything sucky happened to you lately???? I would like to know, lets share!! ^_^

Oh and here are some pictures of me and everyone else who celebrated my Bday!!!! Enjoy!!!!

Ahh... I closed my eyes on this one XD

Marathon Mall Nassau ^_^

Balcony House with my peoples.

Rawson Square Nassau.

CHRISTMAS!!!! You're only days away XD

Well Christmas is soon here and I'm so excited XD!!! I wasn't feeling it the past few weeks but now since it's coming closer I'm getting the Christmas spirit. So far I'm happy that two of my shippments that went out to girls in my community on LJ arrived, Yay. Now it's just a few more to arrive and I'm praying it reaches them in time. But hey, it's the chirstmas season and some Postal people tend to move slllloowwww >-<. Oh well, I'm praying as always ^_^. Soooo I having my first christmas dinner with my husband,eeeeeeessss!!!! (Execitment) I'm seasoning the bird tongiht and will bake it tomorrow. I know for sure I don't want to be cooking on christmas day XD!!!! To much fun to be had on Christmas day to my stuck at the stove ^_^!!!

So my order from Mai is on it's way!!! Can't wait, it should be here before Christmas (crosses fingers XD) Well I'll be just as happy when it reaches my hands ^_^. I'm just about finished christmas shopping, what about you guys?

I guess I'll one of those people who does there shopping at the ever last minute XD. Oh wellsss hope you all have a wonderful christmas. I know I will, I going to be off from work from the 25th to 28th Yay me. But I did love it more when it was 2 full weeks off!!!! ^_^

Happy Lolidays!!!!




My Boss SUCKS A***

Huh!!!! I can't believe my boss!!!! I planned to travel the 21st - 28th of December to visit family and my friend Shelby in LA. But now my boss says he's going to be open during the time I'm traveling to the US. >_< He is so not fair!!!! He's so cheap that he won't even get another employee. I'm his only worker BTW! SUCKS!!!!! Oh well, at least I can rebook for next year to travel on my birthday. So that's not to bad. ^_^

I'll be getting a tattoo to celebrate my birthday!! It's a picture of myself that I drew some time back and I'll be adding butterfies into the overall tattoo. I have one tattoo now but it's a small messed up butterfly XD!!!! I think that tattoo artist didn't like me cause I was making to much noise XD!!!! Oh well, I leave you with a picture of how I'm dressing for the holidays.

I have a Cardigan like this one and I want her hair, so I'm going for this style. Wish me luck. I'll post pics of it when it's done.

Hair and Makeup, Yay!!

Hi, it's me again. Just doing my hair and makeup before I go out tonight. So here I go, enjoy!!!