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22 April 1980
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I'm very artesy and love lots of black. I live in the Bahamas and would like to make lots of friend with common intersets. I'm a graphic Artist but work in a law firm for now. I'm so fasinatated about lolitas and would like to dress like one too. I would like to have tons of friend who love to watch anima,draw,print,shop and love to dressup. My dream is to go to Japan to a anima convention and have a friend go along with me. I'm know enrolled at the University of Phoenix Online doing my associates degree. It would be nice to make lots of new friends here on this site and meeting them would be have the fun. Love music some of which are classical, tecno, dance, Jpop, 50's and 60's pop music and whatever else sounds nice. My Favorite kinds of moives; adventure, comedy, love stories, fantise, anima, action. Sorry no horror gives me nightmares. I love the color pink too but I don't have much of it in my closet.